distancing day 258 thoughts:

We got our Christmas tree today and it was great fun. We always enjoy going to the Christmas tree nursery but this year was extra wild because we decided to get a surprise tree. What is that? Well, I’ll tell you. The nursery puts 20 or so trees out at a time on stands and as they are picked they unsheathe new ones to display. We knew we wanted about an 8-9 foot Noble Fir but we were not unanimous about any of the display trees, so we decided to pick one from the pile of sheathed trees and just let it be a surprise when we got home. The lady helping us offered to open it so we could investigate it and we politely declined. She looked at us like we had 3 heads each and we just told her 2020 was full of surprises and we were rolling with it on our tree too.

She obliged and off we went to pay and get our free ornament. We ended up finding an ornament with a dog on it that favors Winnie a bunch and so we had to have that. After you pay, you drive through the main driveway and they tie the tree onto your car. We did that and made for home for the great unveiling.

Turns out, surprise Christmas trees work out ok and it was pretty fun! It was definitely one of the better surprises of 2020. We ran out of steam and didn’t put any lights or ornaments on the tree yet. That’s a job for another day, but the house sure smells nice!

I also realized that the first person I told Merry Christmas this year was the reindeer handler (Comet) at the nursery. Appropriate.


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