distancing day 259 thoughts:

Today we decorated the tree, took family pictures, and watched Johnny English. A great family day!

It was Red’s year to put the angel on the tree or at least that was our best guess. The year we got a tree that basically touched the ceiling, we let Jerry do the honors because he was the only one tall enough to reach on the step stool. Last year, Laurel did it. We assumed that meant it was Marian’s turn. Idk if it actually was. We have something going now though so Clara’s turn next year for sure.

I obviously picked the clothes for family pictures, cause duh. Jerry ended up with a plaid shirt and a sweater vest. That’s not his usual style but we needed the vest AND the plaid shirt for color continuity. He was a good sport even though he felt very coiffed. I thought he looked like a sexy Mr. Rogers – and I told him that- so we had a field day with jokes there.

I’m heading to bed now (yes, at 730pm) and looking forward to one more day of hanging out with the family before we all get back to work for a few weeks until Christmas.

Also, only 3 wake-ups until I have a McRib for lunch.


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