distancing day 263 thoughts:

I took a sick day today (minus the 2 minute drive to my McRib) which means tomorrow I’m going to have to triple my production. Idk how that math works out, but trust me that it does. I’m thankful my kids are old enough to let me “take a sick day” mostly. I obviously fed them and helped them if they needed it, but for the most part they let me sit and stare like grumpy cat. The house looks like the aftermath of the Titantic and there was a point in the day where I had to remove a ice cube that was stuck to Marian’s tongue, but we are fed and alive even if we have dirty hair (possibly also teeth-didn’t check) and covered in BBQ sauce.

When we left to get McDonald’s, I told the kids they were all getting McRibs whether they wanted them or not. That wasn’t true, obviously. However, Jack, Marian, and Clara all tried it and liked it a lot! Laurel had a bite and thinks she might like one next time. I don’t remember them being $5 a piece so we won’t be getting them often, but it was a real treat today. The last time I had one was when I was pregnant with Marian. Marian practically came out like a rectangular meat mush covered in onions as I think I ate at least 1 a day the last trimester even if I had to drive 30 minutes one way to get one- which I did. The heart wants what it wants. The stomach does too.


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