distancing day 264 thoughts:

I forced myself to get up and put on makeup and function like a healthy person whether I felt healthy or not. Ya know. I “mom’d” it. It mostly worked. My stomach didn’t allow anything to come near it until about 4pm, but that’s not all bad. Even now, I’ve just eaten supper and things still feel a little revolt-y. The shingles don’t really burn as much today; they just itch. I think one more day of getting up and getting dressed even if I don’t feel like it and I will resume my healthy baddie status. Though I am NOT working out until my shingles are gone gone gone gone.

I would write more but I have promised Laurel “five minute craps” which is really just five minute crafts and the first one to correct her gets punched in the nose. This might be the last of the baby Laurel speak and I’m hanging on for dear life.


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