distancing day 265 thoughts:

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life tonight for the first time in my adult life (perhaps life life because I can’t remember ever watching it all the way through). It was just what I needed tonight.

Today was an interesting day filled with all the twists and turns that the Army loves to gift us about the future. I think I know what’s coming for us this next year, but it could change 13 times before Wednesday. We are at the mercy of the big green machine and it was kinda disappointing today, but then happy, and then maybe disappointing again. I really don’t know what tomorrow holds. Tonight I know we all got to watch a movie together and the youngest two fell asleep in mine and Jerry’s arms. Clara fell asleep on the couch and Jack hung in with us until the beautiful end. Lastly, the dog ate a lot of wheat thins that she absconded with while she lay by the fire.

It Is A Wonderful Life.


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