distancing day 266 thoughts:

Christmas shopping day! Whoohoo! Up until about 12 pm today I had not one single gift for my kids or husband. Jerry and I managed to get probably 1/2 of the shopping done today and I’m feeling much better. Whew.

We both agreed it’s kinda hard to get in the Christmas spirit- what with the existential doom, anxiousness about future assignments, knowing there are a bajillion people out of jobs, all topped off by the fact it was 65 or something today and we were sweatin’ to the Christmas oldies in our long sleeves. Such is life in 2020. I’m a betting woman and I’m betting there is no white Christmas this year.

Tonight’s Christmas movie was Home Alone. The little 2 couldn’t hang… again. The big 2 were hyperventilating laughing because no matter how many times one sees that movie, it’s still amazing. I think last year was actually the first time we let them watch it. Love at first watch.


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