distancing day 268 thoughts:

Today was a very Monday-y Monday and while I approve this message, I disapprove of Monday sucking ass.

The one happy thing that happened today was we booked Laurel’s birthday party. We are in the middle of a pandemic, so her birthday party consists of a limousine ride to look at Christmas lights. She got to pick her dress, shoes, “fur” shawl and, of course, tiara! We are gonna be turnt up something serious for a Monday, but we homeschool and any day can be a weekend night if you try hard enough.

I also went wild n out and listed my writing services on Fiverr. I have used UpWork as my booking source up until now, but I somehow got pigeonholed into writing serious finance articles and I want to write more conversational/fun/humorous financial responsibility articles. I put myself out there exactly as it sounds like I did. If nothing happens, well ok. But, if something does happen, I could be well on my way to professional satisfaction in 21. The Rolling Stones pretty much wrote satisfaction about 2020 after all- minus the fact that I think all of us sorta rolled over and just started letting 2020 have its way with us sometime around July.

I also bribed my kids with donuts to do school work today. I prefer my parenting trophies in rose gold.


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