distancing day 271 thoughts:

The email app on my phone has looked like I had a 4 unread emails all day even though I have none. The fact that I am not writing this from a padded cell is proof enough that miracles do happen. I can’t make any promises about tomorrow.

The kids got up and started playing prodigy at like 630 am and they transitioned easily to their school work and got it all done before 930am. So far the only thing anyone has asked me for is a membership to prodigy. I won’t be surprised if a pony or a llama or a kangaroo rolls up to my doorstep off the back of the FedEx truck tomorrow. They either want something or they’re guilty. 2020 has made me jaded, I suppose.

My favorite part of today was when I asked Jack “what are you doing over there, Jack?” and Marian responds completely deadpan “butt stuff.” The bathroom talk is the apex of humor around these parts but her timing today was *chef kiss*

It’s supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow and my normal bahumbugometer would be off the charts but 1. I don’t have to drive anywhere and 2. Maybe it’ll help get me in the Christmas spirit. When you’re in Colorado, it’s kinda hard to get hype about the birth of baby Jesus when you’re wearing shorts and Birkenstocks. In order to properly celebrate Christmas, I feel like I at least need to be wearing socks.


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