distancing day 273 thoughts:

I finished my Christmas and Birthday shopping today whether I actually finished it or not. The kids didn’t leave me a lot to work with because 2 of them said they didn’t need/want anything and one of them asked for a pool and a Chuck E Cheese sized carousel. Even if we weren’t limited to 17,000 lbs of household goods, there is no way sister. None. I hope she’s not too disappointed when she gets the only reasonable present on her list: a gumball machine.

While I was at the mall, I tripped and fell into a pedicure chair. I’m not sure how it happened. The pedicurist was the sweetest older lady. I was on a side all alone with no one within a good 50 feet of me, much less 6… besides her. She knew all the words to the songs on the radio and had a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed listening to her sing. At one point, I complimented her on her singing voice and she got teary eyed and told me that the song playing was her favorite and it really meant a lot to her. We had a moment and it was really beautiful. I don’t mean to be pukey about human connection and shit but COVID makes you appreciate that you can have a moment with a stranger. And, I did and do appreciate it.

I picked out a cocktail dress while I was out too to wear in the limo. We have a Dillards outlet here and I will really really miss it if/when we ever leave Colorado Springs. I got a gorgeous Gianni Bini $139 dress for less than $20. I don’t just love the back of it, but for $19 for a quality, flattering dress- I thought I could make it work.

Tomorrow is really cookie day. Today turned into must finish Christmas shopping panic day and run all the errands for the Boy Scouts day. I knew about the Boy Scout part but I didn’t know about the Christmas shopping part. That was a bonus. But tomorrow? Tomorrow we make all the cookies!

Also, I just need to say that I really don’t like how from Thanksgiving to Christmas I feel pressure to listen to Christmas music. Like, you better get it before it’s gone. Christmas music is not crab legs on an all-you-can-eat buffet though and it’s not going anywhere really. I can listen to Christmas music in July or March or 2 weeks after Christmas if I want to. So there. I’m thwarting the pressure.


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