distancing day 277 thoughts:

Happy 5th Birthday to our baby, Laurel! I know you’re a whole hand old now, but you’ll still be my baby even when you’re 7 or 10 whole hands old too. (Don’t worry, we will do that math later since this year you’re also my student.)

When I was looking for pictures to make the slideshow, I was afraid I wouldn’t have many because you’re always on the go. I was right-ish too because most of my pictures of you are of you snuggling, sleeping, or being a nut. All 3 things you do very well.

COVID caused you to have to give up the last year of your mommy solo time and I thought you’d feel a loss, but I think you feel like you got a bonus instead. You don’t hate being doted on and, luckily, your siblings love to dote. The girls keep you entertained and Jack is there to reach the high stuff and hand out hugs.

I love watching you play and figure things out. This year with the big kids around I’ve been able to really watch your gears turn as you try- and succeed- to keep up. You are fiercely independent and, yet, you still let us treasure you like a precious, delicate bud starting to bloom.

This is Kindergarten year and I am extremely hopeful that things will be back to “normal” for you wherever we end up. Normally the 5th birthday is so sad for me because I know that you’re striking out on your own. Not this time though. I know you’re ready. While I may be a little sad for me because I will miss having you around, I am ecstatic for you!

You are determined, creative, empathetic, focused, confident, generous, and fun! The world might not be ready for you, but you are ready for the world! Watching you flower, my little mountain Laurel, is one of the greatest, most entertaining joys of my life!


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