distancing day 279 thoughts:

I owe you all a proper update. I’ve been too tired to function the last couple nights. That’s not to say I’m not exhaustion today, but a promise is a promise.

The limo ride was a ton of fun. I really thought Laurel would crap out 30-45 minutes into the ride, but she made it the whole 2 hours. There was an ice bucket in the limo and she probably spent a solid 2 hours just serving herself ice. Ooookkkkuuurrr. The lights were beautiful and it was fun being in a limo. She felt like a real princess and that’s the most important thing to me.

Tuesday I had a Drs appointment with my primary care where I filled her in on my PCOS woes. The weight loss has tapered off but I mostly feel normal so I’m going to call that a win. I need to do blood work with my OB to see what my levels are after 3 months on the pill and my other meds. Hopefully all is moving in the right direction there. Won’t know for sure until I get all the needles in my arm. Such is life. I finished off the day by making cavatelli and cake for Laurel’s birthday celebration.

Wednesday was Laurel’s actual birthday and she was feeling the birthday divatude. I don’t want to give her bad press, so I’ll just leave it at that. It was a LONG day. All she wanted for her birthday activity wise was to play the stuffed animal claw machine at King Sooper and eat Subway in the car. I was just the facilitator, but to be honest, those requests sounded weird as Hell to me.

I have never won anything out of a claw machine ever in my life and I actually got a stuffed animal for Laurel. Perfect day to have a winning streak. Then, Jack accidentally got one for Marian because he was zipping around all over and didn’t realize there was a timer. When the timer went off, it just so happened to snatch up a baby pink stuffed teddy bear with a sequin tummy. What luck.

We then ate Subway in the car at the birthday girl’s request and ran a couple errands to get stuff for her party. The tie dye party was fun and the cavatelli dinner with family was fun too. By 630pm, I was SPENT.

This year we don’t have nearly as much activity as usual and I’m kinda lonely. I guess beggars can be choosers. Maybe there could be something between OMG, SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW TO DO BODY FISSION BECAUSE I GOTTA BE 3765 PLACES AT ONCE- and- I haven’t seen any humans other than the 4 I made from scratch in a fortnight. Christmas is always kinda a weird time for me. The magic the kids feel at Christmas comes from their parents, but mostly mom. Add in 2 birthdays in the middle of a pandemic and flu season and I feel like I’m shooting dust out of the end of my wand and the need for magic hasn’t even really started yet. In a normal year, by winter break I’m on fumes because we’ve been busy busy busy. This year, I’m on fumes because I’ve been on fumes since March.

Nonetheless, birthday celebrations have been planned for Jack on Monday and we will properly salute the 11 year old with all the grandeur of a July birthday (ya know, one in which there aren’t 46 other holidays concurrently occurring). On Tuesday we have plans to carol with dear friends of ours from Kansas and then on the 23rd Grandsir and Ma’am arrive. Jerry is home this weekend and then working half days until Christmas Eve. I expect many Christmas movies in the days ahead. Now, if only we could get some snow.


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