distancing day 283 thoughts:

I’ll be honest. I’m seriously thinking about stopping my daily updates on day 300. Some people are getting the vaccine and I hope life gets back to normal at some point. But, then again, I’ve heard that it could be this summer before the gen pop is able to get the vaccine and I know there are a solid number of porcelain throne researchers that won’t take it – so who actually knows when life will go back to normal.

Anyway. I hate Christmas. I love Jesus and I love the religious aspects of Christmas but I hate Christmas. It’s usually crazy busy and all that jazz. This year it wasn’t crazy busy and I still don’t like it. I’ll be happy on Christmas morning when the kids open all their presents and to give gifts but that’s my love language anyway- and I could happily give people presents on like just a Tuesday without all the bullshit. But, I’m burned out and irritated so the magic of Christmas is kinda lost on me. Maybe all moms are. Maybe it’s just me.

In much happier news, I solved a small problem today and went and bought myself new oven mitts. I hated my old ones. Some were thread bare. Some were just gross. Some met fire on the gas stove in Monterey and were charred – all needed to be thrown away (except the sentimental ones the kids made in PreK and the one our precious neighbor made us in Kansas). It felt good to dump something that was an irritant. Life is full of irritants and for a grand total of $6, I have one less.

And in the happiest news of all; My parents get here tomorrow. I can’t wait to see them! That’s the best part of Christmas for me: being together as a family.


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