distancing day 284 thoughts:

My parents are here! My parents are here!

We had a great day of just playing and hanging out. I ran to the store to get our meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We are all set and I didn’t even have to go to more than one store! And by all set I mean we have food. I still have to wrap a few more presents because I got that rude ass stomach bug on Sunday. Thennnnn we are good to go.

We went caroling this evening and I think it really helped us all get in the spirit. There’s just something about singing in the middle of the sidewalk to really get you feeling the Christmas cheer. Everyone we sang for was really nice and they all had on real clothes (and probably bras) which I thought was wild for 630pm. We are pajamas the second we know we aren’t going anywhere else that day types. Kudos to you folks out here in hard pants until bed time.

We finished out the night watching Victorian Farm Christmas episodes and I warmed up leftover rice and beans from dinner last night. Someone. Some.one. Someone had the audacity to combine shredded Parmesan with fiesta blend cheese. I did not discover the transgression until I lavished my refried beans with the amalgamation directly from Hell. Listen to me: I am not exaggerating when I say that as long as there are taste buds on my tongue and breath in my lungs I will not forget that awful taste. I love my family, but I firmly do not like whoever did that shit. Firmly.


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