distancing day 288 thoughts:

It’s the 27th of December, but here’s your Christmas recap.

The kids got up at 415. Clara concocted a story about having a stomach ache and only downstairs water would do. She said “I’ll come right back up but I just need some kitchen water.” Ok. Liar liar pantalones en fuego. What’s funny is we had already told them they could just go downstairs when they got up and see what Santa brought without us. (Santa only brings a few smaller things. The rest are from Mommy and Daddy). Nope. Clara woke up all her sisters and they all came barging in before even the roosters were up for the day. We went ahead and woke up sweet Jack and we all went downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Actually. JK. Jerry and I started a movie. I want to finish it. More tomorrow.


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