distancing day 290 thoughts:

Today was… um… something. 2020 realizes that it’s on its last legs and decided to gift us with lice (maybe?) to remember it by.

I saw a bug on Jack’s head and promptly freaked out. Cause 1. Ew. 2. Have you seen my girls’ hair?!? Clara’s is PAINFULLY thick. If the thing on Jack’s head was lice, then we were killing every one of those MFs AND their momma TO-DAY. Cue panicked run to the base exchange (military only Walmart) and head shaving for the man child.

We washed EVERYTHING and what we couldn’t wash had to go to lice quarantine. We treated everyone with Nix which is apparently lice and lice egg and super lice arsenic. Yes. Yes. I support that. I actually sorta looked up places to go to see if they’d remove the lice/nits but the only place I could find used kumbaya non-chemical treatment and that is NOT where my brain was at today. Is burning the house down an option? Even if it isn’t- I still considered it today. Thankfully the combing was uneventful and unproductive on the nit/lice front. Boy do we know how to make some memories!

Do I think I may have overreacted slightly? Ok. Maybe. Probably. Do I feel bad about my overreaction? Not even a little bit. If there was ever a year to catastrophize small bugs crawling around on scalps- THIS IS THE YEAR. Honestly, if Godzilla showed up and kicked me square in the taint- I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Sorry about the suggested itching that probably came with reading this.


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