distancing day 294 thoughts:

We did Spring cleaning today which also involved moving furniture all around. The upstairs hallway might be an actual area requiring disaster relief support, but I’ll know more after my bestie comes and kicks my ass with her organizational ninja ways tomorrow.

We went through soooooo many clothes and got rid of soooo many clothes. I put a bunch out on our porch and listed them on our community page for people to just take if they needed/wanted them. We have always been blessed with hand me downs, so I was hoping to bless someone else. I think all of Jack’s are gone. I still need to sort through the girls’ stuff that I set aside to donate and put it out tomorrow. Clara convinced me to keep some of the nicer things and SHE can list them on eBay and package them/mail them if they sell for her profit. I don’t think she realizes that she is going to have to iron everything first, but I’ll let her figure that out this week. I’m not one to stifle entrepreneurial spirits, but I told her straight up that Mommy doesn’t have energy for that kinda stuff so once I get her all set up- it’s on her.

Tomorrow is more Spring cleaning. I trust that we will get everything upstairs put back where it goes upstairs, but the tree is for sure staying up until Epiphany unintentionally. Thankfully we didn’t decorate much this year so we don’t have much to put away. We weren’t as festive as usual, but I’m very thankful that all we really gotta put up is the ornaments.

God Bless the sanitation worker that has to do our bulk pickup this week. It’s gonna be bulky alright.


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