distancing day 295 thoughts:

Another day of living la vida loca or whatever it is that Ricky Martin swiveled his hips to back in 99.

We Spring cleaned some more and I went to the grocery store for pickup (and to run in for staples and duct tape to keep the back of our vacuum cleaner from falling off). If we weren’t the most ridiculous people on Earth, I really wouldn’t know who else to be.

It’s only 730pm, but you already know I’m writing this to you from my bed. I’m whooped. Keeping people fed and housed during a pandemic is hard enough- toss in literally any other tasks like, ohhhh say, lice laundry, schooling, and Spring cleaning and y’all might as well bury me at sea cause I’m drowning. The end.

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. I’m both looking forward to it and certain that it will be the awfulest readjustment period since pulling the e-brake on life back in March. In the B.C. times, I was like byyyyeeee kids and didn’t realize what an inglorious goat rope the teachers had to endure. I regret not bringing them coffee more often. I know now. As a matter of a fact, Mrs. Drew might pack everyone up and go get Dutch Bros for herself.

We never got all the lice laundry put away on top of our regular laundry, so I could yodel on top of that bitch- it’s such a mountain. I promised myself that I would do 3 hours of laundry a day until I am caught up. Only. I may back that up to 2 depending on my dread level tomorrow. There is no way I could get it all done in one day, so I’m not even going to try. I think 3 (or 2) hours a day until I’m caught up is an honest effort and one that I can be proud of. Besides, I just discovered a new show on Netflix that is Best Leftovers Ever! and it’s the silliest thing but if it keeps me entertained during laundry time then all the yeses.


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