distancing day 301 thoughts:

Our family grew today! (Well, for the next 4-5 months). Jerry’s cousin graduated from college recently and was looking for things to keep her busy until grad school starts in the late spring/summer and I knew just the thing to keep busy… all dem kids. She agreed to come live with us and help me homeschool the kids, prep for a maybe? move, and, generally, just hang out to keep us all sane until she has to leave us for grad school. I am ecstatic! The kids are over the moon. They have been so excited for weeks that they can’t hardly contain themselves! She played with them today while Jerry and I took down the Christmas decorations. The decorations were down in record time and the kids were giggling and romping on this very snowy day instead of sitting in front of the TV or moping about. It. Was. Everything.

I’m actually looking forward to Monday because I’m gonna have backup. Jack’s math lessons have been too hard for me to really teach him without being able to concentrate because I have to relearn the stuff myself. I cannot concentrate with a Barber shop quartet of children who shriek instead of sing. Jack’s been pretty stagnated by the “are you smarter than a 5th grader” flunkie that is his mother and his mother’s ability to relearn stuff with letters and numbers. Don’t even get me started on symbols too. Can we not? Anyway, we are gonna tag team it and everyone is gonna learn all the things.

21 is already headed in the right direction!


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