distancing day 302 thoughts:

We procrastinated on a hike for Cub Scouts until today (due tomorrow) which meant that we were hiking in 20 degrees with snow on the ground and freeze your face wind.

I don’t recommend procrastinating, but it was really beautiful out minus a very cold noses. We have hiked Paint Mines before in the summer and this was a very different experience today. Mostly because I didn’t have to carry Winnie in a sack because there are no dogs allowed like last time. Oooooops.

We were done hiking and back by one, so there was even time for an afternoon nap. There is not much better in the world for an adult in their thirties than a Sunday afternoon nap. It really is the pinnacle of adulting to get hype about sleep.

Dinner tonight was a huge miss and I won’t be making it again, but I am going to bed with a satisfied tummy just the same. The snickers ice cream for dessert didn’t hurt.

Tomorrow is back to regularly scheduled programming, but with backup!


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