distancing day 303 thoughts:

I’m going to be honest with you here. I almost forgot to write today. Wouldn’t that be something? I made it 302 days to slap forget to write on day 303. Thankfully that did not happen but I was laying here wishing I was asleep. I couldn’t sleep because for whatever reason I am chilled to.the.bone. so I’m still up and managed to write today!

Clara told me that my rapper name would be “Momma Trash” in case any of you were struggling to feel good about yourself. I think she meant it in the sense that Laurel says “Momma! Trash!” 687 times every time we ride in the car and not because I’m a trash human. However, I did not ask any follow up questions. Some things are better left unspecified.

I accomplished all of the things today. all of them. I have had a list of errands that needed to be run during the week that has steadily grown longer for months as the whole Covid and 4 kids thing aren’t exactly compatible with errand running. I had backup today, so I was able to get them all done. There is nothing hanging over my head on the errand front. Just 3 days of having help and my stress level is already careening down to a steady 3 instead of circling around a frantic 7. I have 2 phone calls that I need to make tomorrow (as it’s important that I actually hear who I’m speaking to) and then I’m just in a holding pattern. I have waited 10 months to not feel like I am constantly drowning. I’m not going to even know how to act on Wednesday when I’m done with all the things that have been hanging over my head and am not constantly gasping for air. I am feeling very very very lucky this week indeed- and it’s only Monday!


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