distancing day 305 thoughts:

We are going on a little getaway this weekend so that we can do outdoor activities in a new place. The amount of preparation required to pack 6 people for a trip involving swimsuits, snow clothes, tubing gear, and every day clothes is immense.

We had some errands to run today that all the kids needed to be at because none of them have detachable feet. I decided they must be run this morning instead of after school work because I had a feeling the errands would take forever and when the kids get tired, they get licky… so to speak. Errands did take a fortnight and a half and the kids were fork done by the time we finished. Trying to do school after hours of errands was probably not my brightest idea, but we got through it – even if some children pushed themselves across the floor like a human dustpan in protest.

I did some crafting this afternoon for the first time in a long time. In fact, I found this T-shirt at Goodwill months ago that I wanted to zhuzh up. It took an indeterminate number of months but I made time today.


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