distancing day 306 thoughts:

Today was prepping for and driving to our trip. We brought WiWi with us and I’m actually super surprised at how great she did on the drive here. She was a little carsick at first but she didn’t yack and only dropped two certified stinkers. I wore our “just in case” muzzle on my bra strap all day because I thought the loooooong winding roads might make her a little crazy. It’s well established that this one is a few Cheerios short of a bowl of cereal. She didn’t end up needing her muzzle, so I just accessorized with it hanging off my bra strap. It’s 2021 now. Nothing matters anymore and you can pull anything off as long as you werk it (with an e for flair).

I hate exactly 2 roads in America: I-25 and I-70. Guess what 2 roads we had to take to get here? I-25 and I-70. It was also night for most of our drive. I am going to borrow some general that I don’t remember his name’s phrase here when I say “you couldn’t pull barbed wire out of my butthole with a tractor” on the entire drive. I’m glad Jerry can see at night and he was the one driving because I can’t see anything at night. I just be out here winging it.

We made it to the lodge about 8. I’ve never AirBNB’d before so now I’m not sure if I should be turning in my Millenial card or if I get to keep it. So far the hotel? is pretty freaking cool. Winnie even got to make a new little friend because the owner has a dog that just does whatever and greets folks. I feel like more places should greet you with a sweetie pie dog. It would truly make the world a better place.

I’m looking forward to exploring the area tomorrow, but for now… SLEEP!


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