distancing day 307 thoughts:

I am whooooped. Whooped. We have been out having a blast in the cold all day. And there is nothing that takes it out of you like the cold.

We started out the day stopping on the side of the road to observe a herd of elk.

After elk observation came breakfast at a cutie pie cafe with an omelette bar. The barista/waiter had a mask that looked like the skirt belly dancers wear. It was magnificent. The omelette from the omelette bar was also magnificent and coffee is always in season.

After breakfast we went to the Glenwood Springs Adventure park. When we pulled in we saw what we thought was a herd of mule deer. We’ve seen mule deer in our day so we went on about checking in. Jerry took a look a little closer and saw it was big horn sheep. On the way up, I told Jerry that my whole trip would be made if I saw big horn sheep in the wild. I’m not sure that big horn sheep next to an interstate really constitutes wild but it wasn’t a zoo and they weren’t planted. Trip made.

The adventure park was super fun. Everything was at the top of the mountain and we had to take a gondola ride up. The view on the way up was beautiful!

We beelined to the Alpine coaster. The kids remember Alpine coasters from our trip to South Dakota. They were HYPE. In South Dakota, we only got to ride it one time. We bought a FUNDay pass here so we could ride it as many times as we wanted here. I think the answer to the as many times as we wanted question was 4? 5? I don’t remember but I remember being cold and thinking that the brake system was just for showsies because if I had yeeted myself to Utah I would NOT have been surprised. There was also a fairy cave tour and shooting game and a 4D movie and a haunted mine drop that scarred the children for life (and maybe me too).

We decided to leave the Adventure Park about 115 to head to the famous Hot Springs where we swam for an hour and a half until one of the children lost their mind about being hungry.

Yesterday we saw a diner on the way to our hotel and we decided to eat there for dinner tonight. It was a typical diner with diner type food that was all greasy and delicious… and just what made for happy tummies after a full day out in the cold. We finished our meal with milkshakes all the way around because of course we did.

We are back in the room now and I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I would think the kids feel the same way but they’re shrieking like howler monkeys at the moment.


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