distancing day 311 thoughts:

Jack finished his year worth of math today. It was supposed to take 6 weeks and was a compressed course, but we’ve been working on it since the end of October a little bit at a time. He was very proud.

I let him pick dinner tonight and he picked waffles. I felt like I couldn’t just let waffles be dinner so I decided today was the day I learned how to fry chicken. God Bless the internet. The first couple of pieces I fried were a little well-done on the outside but I got the hang of it by the end. I also made King Cake for the first time because I’d honestly rather be in the kitchen cooking and baking than doing anything else.

I thought the King Cake would be much harder to make than it was. Perhaps my newfound love of bread baking and the several recipes I’ve tried made the yeast portion of today’s activities less intimidating. The cake part was spot on, if I do say so myself. And I do. The glaze was meh at best. I will make Royal icing next time to really elevate that ish.

I felt much better today and less inexplicably blue.


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