distancing day 312 thoughts:

I spent the majority of the day when I wasn’t watching the inauguration cleaning out the fridge.

Our water filter needs changed and while that has very little (if anything) to do with how full our fridge is, the maintenance man yells at me every time he comes. He will tell me my water filter is old and the water tastes weird because the fridge is packed. Those two things aren’t correlated, but ok. Not tomorrow though! I have needed to clean the old gal out anyway and what better motivation than not getting yelled at by the maintenance worker? There is none. It took a ridiculous amount of time but it’s done now.

We watched the inauguration coverage by Keke Palmer that was for kids and it was really well done even if the kids acted like we were shoving bamboo shoots under the nails because we asked them to watch. There was a point during the arrival of the official party where they were wrestling under an old comforter and it looked like raccoons fighting over a discarded pizza box. Not exactly a captive audience, but we tried.


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