distancing day 313 thoughts:

Day 313 involved buying a whole ass 10inch layer cake from Sam’s Club InstaCart because it’s Thursday. We sang Happy Thursday to us before we cut into it- which was good because it was collapsing.

It actually reminded me of our wedding cake. We had whipped icing on our wedding cake because Fondant tastes like butthole (fight me) and I wanted a yummy cake. Perhaps it’s because I had to diet for a solid 8 months to fit in my wedding dress and I didn’t care if every button on the back went flying hither and tither after the ceremony. I just wanted to EAT. Anyway. Whipped icing isnt structurally very sound like fondant and it will melt and start leeeeeaaaaannniiinnng. That’s exactly what it did. When we were in the middle of eating lunch, I sorta yelled to the room “WE GOTTA CUT THE CAKE NOWWWWWW!” because I was hell bent the floor wasn’t going to eat my cake. I was going to eat my cake. And I did. So much.

I think cake Thursdays needs to be a thing. I’m gonna make it a thing.


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