distancing day 318 thoughts:


I ordered dinner tonight in the biggest debacle in the history of postmates. I ordered Chinese food through the merchant website and it had a little slider button to show delivery/pickup. The colored slider showed the one you DIDNT want. The hell? So, I originally ordered pickup. We had a crap ton of snow the last 2 days. I’m from Mississippi and Jerry has the 4WD, so I’m super NOT out hurrr trying to die for some lo mein. I had to call postmates and beg them to cancel it and I could reorder. The poor gal on the phone with me was really nice and comforted me when I shed a tear as I was overcome with hanger and frustration. I started the process at 445 and we didn’t get our food until 645. I won’t even go into how much it ended up costing.

On a completely unrelated note. President Biden, can we get that 3rd stimulus check now?


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