distancing day 321 thoughts:

We finally had In-N-Out! We haven’t had it since we lived in Monterey and I did not remember how good it was. OMG. It was only about 20 min from when we got in line until we had our food, which I thought was pretty good! Nevermind that it only took us 3 minutes to eat it. The kids LOVED them. It also got us out of the house for an hour-ish, which was needed… even if we practically had to drive to another state.

I had to retake this picture because in the first one I took I realized you could see in in the side view mirror and I was looking a little to eager for my cheeseburger- if you know what I mean.

In the line, I blew what I thought was an eyelash off my finger and made a wish. You know. Cause I ain’t messing around with 21. After the fact, it occurred to me that what I thought was an eyelash was actually a chest hair. Do you think the wish still counts or nah?


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