distancing day 322 thoughts:

Tomorrow the last of our babies gets to have their quarantine birthday and today was filled with preparations for that.

Mari turns 7 tomorrow and she wanted to get fancy and have a tea party. We were able to find a castle that only allows max 10 people (and we are a party of 8)! Marian has a brand new dress and an extremely over the top fascinator and gloves and she is ready!

She also wants cavatelli for her birthday, so I had to get everything for that and make it today because it takes HOURS and hours I won’t have tomorrow. I spent 3.5 hours rolling pasta tonight. Jerry helped after the first hour when he got back from errands and a little nappy nap and realized that I might turn into a werewolf before I could possibly finish. Thankfully, Marian did ask for a store bought cake so hip hip hooray to that! I ordered that from the toilet this morning via phone call because I’m a mom and we multitask. I scored a Ariel doll cake like my MeeMaw used to make me every year. I’m tickled pink- or maybe tickled aqua is the better turn of phrase here.

I only had one embarrassing thing happen today when I told the Target cashier a bunch of useless penguin facts because I had been reading about them earlier in the morning. Why am I like this? Bless his sweet little heart for not rolling his eyes. When I do things like that I know that I’m doing them, but I also feel like I JUST HAVE TO SAY ALL THE THINGS. All because a lady walked by wearing an emperor penguin face mask.


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