distancing day 324 thoughts:

School today was more painful than 1000 bee stings (and I’m allergic). Hyperbolic? You and I wish.

The kids are standardized testing in March and I need to review material with them before they take the test because they haven’t been working on grade level. Upon informing my children of the review period and what we’d be doing, I was immediately deemed a witch and should expect to be burned at the stake at the earliest logistically sound opportunity. That theme continued throughout the day’s activities. One of the children’s math lesson took much longer than he/she had hoped it would because he/she had forgotten EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT TOPIC. No freaking shit, kid. That’s why I said we are doing a review! I just stared blankly in his/her direction for a solid minute after he/she said “oh, man. I really don’t remember how to do this” as my disdain for the earlier off-Broadway musical rendition that I was treated to registered on his/her face. I JUST WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU! STOP BEING FLAMING TURDS! heavily implied with eyebrow action, but not said out loud.

After school the day was pretty chill. We took Winnie for a walk to the dog park, made chicken and dumplings, and Jerry’s great grandma’s citrus cookie recipe. I think I tried too many cookies to make sure they turned out right though because my stomach HUUUURTS now. It feels like there is rocks in it. Between cookies today and cavatelli mountain yesterday, my poor stomach is begging for mercy.

Tomorrow the big kids have blacksmith school and I have plans to do all the things. If I accomplish 1/4 of the things, that’s good enough for me.


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