distancing day 326 thoughts:

It was a good day. Not all days are good days, but today was a good one.

The sun was a shining and the weather was beautiful so we went for a hike. The kids ran freely and I was so thankful to be a homeschooling fam so that we could do things like go for a hike at 1pm on a Wednesday. The sun did us all some favors in the happiness department. The wide open spaces helped us all to feel slightly less suffocated with each other’s love.

The 5 year old gave up on walking at the mile mark and I had to carry her the other mile in the in case of emergency carrier. Being the baby has its perks. TBH, carrying her was less awful than listening to her whine the last mile even if the carrier did pinch the top of my right butt cheek.

After we hike at Red Rocks we always stop and get tea from Rudy’s. Laurel was very tired before we started but she was HYPE FO LIFE after she had some tea. We (meaning the children NOT me) are still going STRONG off our 230 teascapades. We are watching Little House on the Prairie before I usher everyone off to bed so I can go to bed.

Also. There’s no place like home.


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