distancing day 330 thoughts:

Some of you may remember when my mom said she was thinking about a Christmas present but “it may be illegal.” Turns out it was a massage and illegal was a weird way to say it but also- I do believe they were illegal at some point. We finally went and got our Christmas illegal massage today and it was glorious.

We were supposed to spend the night out last night but Jerry got his second vacc on Friday and felt like he had been hit by a bus yesterday so we rescheduled. It worked out though because we had to keep our massage appointment so we get 2 dates instead of one! Whoop!

After we got home from massages and Barnes and Noble, I had to go to the grocery store. It was an event. The cashier had to call to get me a second buggy because I stacked it so expertly when I was grabbing stuff, but it wouldn’t go back into the one cart I had. It was a full snack cabinet restock and my buggy was a bit spectacley.

We are watching the Super Bowl now and it’s a little yikes. I’m committed now, so I’ll finish it. But in my heart, I’d really rather be in bed.


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