distancing day 331 thoughts:

I almost went full Karen today, y’all. I was so mad I even considered swinging by Cost Cutters and getting the ‘do so these people would take me seriously. Imma chat with the manager, the manager’s manager, the manager’s manager’s manager, all the way to Jesus or Kris Jenner whichever one is first in the chain of command.

The check engine light came on in the swagger wagon. She has 140,000 miles on her, so it’s not just her good looks that are going at this point- no surprise to the check engine light. I handle all of the car stuff usually and have for years because I have the flexibility to handle it. I don’t do a lot of fiddling with cars but I know bullshit when I smell it.

I called the dealership last week and the soonest they could get me in was today. I figured they were busy and that’s ok. When I arrived today though, there was 1 female service manager who was busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and a 5 male service managers standing around with their thumbs up their assholes. I happened to notice that the female service manager had all female clients. I know some women are automatically skeptical of anything a man tells them about their car, so the appeal of having a female service manager makes sense. I’m not saying that I had to wait a week to be seen so I could see the female service manager- as I have no finite proof- but I think I had to wait a week to be seen so I could see the female service manager. I do not care who talks to me about my car. I will call your shit when I see fit and apparently this female wasn’t used to push back.

I had to sign 2 sheets of paper that said I approved a $160 diagnosis charge. Before I signed, I asked her why they were charging me $160 for something they will do for free at AutoZone. I was genuinely curious. She got HEATED though and started coming at me sideways practically yelling at me “anybody can run a code? You want me to run a code? I’ll run a code right now but it won’t tell us anything.” Actually, it will. But ok. I said “I think you’re overreacting a little bit to the question” which is the equivalent of telling a lady on her time of the month to calm down, I guess, because then she REALLY GOT MAD. She yelled at me what the answer to the question was and I signed the papers because I never had any intention of not signing them- I just wanted to know what it was for. She calmed down when I signed them but if you’re going to only have one female service manager you insist on pigeon holing every female client to- maybe make sure her personality isn’t the personification of a porcupine’s coat.

I decided that I wasn’t going to call the manager until I saw how the rest of the interaction with her went. She wasn’t exactly pleasant on our phone calls but she got the car fixed in a hurry and that was fine. Hopefully we won’t be back there before we leave, but if I must, I’ll ask for anyone but her.


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