distancing day 332 thoughts:

Today is our anniversary! We got married over our lunch break at the courthouse when we were at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Jerry, very sweetly, wrote a nice status on Facebook about our anniversary. I was a little shooketh when I read it because that’s super unlike him. He was trying to speak the love language that I usually speak for people. I thought it was just the nicest gesture after a rather hard year.

I made Pho Ga and spring rolls from scratch because my other love language is feeding people (also me cause food). I thought the Pho was really yummy. The spring rolls, though, were out of this world good. And the peanut sauce I made was *chef kiss* They were both a Phoking pain in my butt to make and I dirtied every dish in the house. You know how people have 2 ovens? Do we think there is a house out there with 2 dishwashers instead? That’s where my head is at these days.

It’s blacksmithing day so the big 2 did that. The rest of the day was full of errands and doing peerler beads with the kids and there may have also been an hour long bath in there because the bathtub is a black hole and time has no meaning in the tub.

All in all: a v. good day.


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