distancing day 333 thoughts:

The weather today was very rude, and frosty, and overcast, and gross. I suuuure wish I had a fireplace to take the chill off the cold, but alas, one of the Drewlings was sitting near the gas fireplace on Monday. The fireplace had been on for a while and the glass was hOoooOoOOot. Said child turned quickly and yeeted their ice water onto the glass. !SHATTER¡ CrACk! ¡Boom! and whatever other superhero onomatopoeia you can think of to apply. It was super NBD because we live on post and someone was here within the hour to measure the glass for replacement and tape it up. But. This morning, I was sure wishing I could turn it on.

School took eons today. Eons. When we finally finished, I was zapped off all energy for productivity. Between the weather and the schooling and the mornin’ chorin’ all I could manage to do was read a book. But, book reading turned into napping and then 3 hours later it was like I entered a black hole. Whoopsie Daisy.

I was just telling Jerry this weekend how so many of my best memories are reading books in interesting places. One of the most amazing trips I took at West Point was to a ski lodge with my Church. I don’t ski cause a-huh Mississippi and stank knees, so I just read 84 and napped a lot. I remember looking at the window and it was stunningly beautiful but the quiet time and the escape into a book was glorious. Only child time is real, y’all.


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