distancing day 336 thoughts:

Jerry and I had our anniversary overnight redo last night and we had a great time! We tried to make reservations for dinner but waited too long and ended up eating at Olive Garden. We drank grown up juice boxes in the hotel room and laughed and laughed.

I am probably too old to drink grownup juice boxes because I had a nasty headache overnight and slept like hot dookie. I’ve probably been sweating out mojito all day but my family has all been too polite to mention it.

My only goal for the remainder of the 4 day weekend is to tackle laundry mountain and order new Tupperware. A majority of mine and Jerry’s conversation last night revolved around how much we hate our current Tupperware situation. The bowels of Hell are likely more pleasant than trying to find a lid for a Turkey lunch meat container from 2011 in our Tupperware cabinet.

We ended our night last night FTing the kiddos and then looking at pictures of them on our phones because we missed them.


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