distancing day 338 thoughts:

By 930 today I felt like I had really accomplished all the things. If you were to look at my house at 930, you would think I had accomplished none of things – because if COVID has taught me anything it’s that we must not be home if we want to have a clean house. We live here a little too hard right now.

I did manage to get our housing paperwork submitted for Kansas, but they changed the names of everything around so we had no idea what we were looking at or where it was when they had us request where we’d like to live. I think it’s cute that they have us put requests on there because you just get whatever house and you act nice about it. All the you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit from the popsicle days of my youth helped me be well practiced for Army wife life.

Around 12 we went to the movie theater. My parents rented a theater for us for Valentine’s Day since they’re still being super cautious and trying to not go out much to get stuff. It was a great gift because it was just us in the theater and we got to see Jurassic World on the big screen. Extra bonus! The kids sat behind us so when they got restless, it mostly didn’t affect our viewing pleasure… although we did take Laurel to the bathroom about 16 times between the 3 of us. I highly recommend looking into renting a theater if you live close to a cinemark. They’re remarkably affordable (about what it would normally cost for the 7 of us to go to a movie) and you can have up to 20 people. Also! You’ll feel like a Rockefeller.


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