distancing day 339 thoughts:

First of all, Happy Mardi Gras. We did not celebrate beyond jambalaya and King Cake, but imma be real real with you. The King Cake I made is definitely the best King Cake I’ve ever had. Without a doubt. Shout out to the COVID bread baking gods and goddess who got us all out here making all the gluteny goods when there was nothing else to do but get fat and wonder if our family always breathed that loud and annoyingly or if it was a new development. Anyway, because of my new bread making skills I was no longer afraid of King Cake bakering and I realized that I’m a natural- or I can follow a recipe- either way.

Also worth writing about tonight: spouse’s pages are a mastery of knowledge that should never be underestimated. We already know that a concerned woman is better than the FBI. Get a group of spouses together on the interwebs that have been carrying the majority of the household management to include the bonus of school at home for a year and these people have some tips and tricks. I saw a post this week about “what’s your favorite mop” and there were about 987368293 responses about the o-cedar mop. They posted direct links, testimonials, cleaning ideas, everything. The mop runs $20 at Walmart so I invested today. I figured that many people couldn’t be wrong. They also recommended 2tsps of Tide powder in the bucket of hot water to mop, clean your counters, wash away your sins… you name it. I’m here to tell you THEY WERE RIGHT. I mopped my floors. I mopped my walls. I mopped my doors. I mopped my banisters. I mopped my picture frames. This mop and a little bit of Tide powder does everything. Everything I tell you. Everything. That’s the most game changing piece of information that I’ve gotten in IDK how long and I’m here to tell you that it makes cleaning a pleasure. No, I have not been kidnapped. This is really me talking.


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