distancing day 341 thoughts:

Jerry had to work at home for a little bit yesterday and he had a conference call. At one point he said “you’re coming in broken, Sgt (redacted), but I’m not sure why” and I shouted “CHILDHOOD TRAUMA!” before he had fully muted his mic. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be married to me… that should clear it up.

I had an eye dr appt today because trying to renew my Drivers License in Texas is about 10x harder than having all the babies. We don’t have to have a license to reproduce but I need to prove my identity 56 different ways to drive a car they don’t care if I drive with an expired license (as long as I have my milID with me) anyway. Turns out though that I need glasses. Oops. I can see well, but I can see better with a prescription and a correction for my astigmatism. Who knew the world could be clearer and that when I’m driving at night- I don’t just gotta be out there winging it? This is great news for everyone and especially for anyone who has to ride in the car with me after the sun goes down. You’re all welcome.

I walked the goodish doggo this morning to try and regulate her bitchy am attitude. The snow was so deep but she was running around and having the best time. It made me really happy to watch her have so much fun.


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