distancing day 342 thoughts:

I took my laundry to fold and fluff today after a whole ass day of waiting around for the guy who said he was going to pick it up to text me 8 minutes after he was to arrive to tell me he wasn’t allowed to pick it up on a military installation. NFS, asshole. That’s why I didn’t give you my actual address and told you I’d meet you at the Visitors’ Center and sent you that address. But, thank you kindly for wasting my time. I did get other things accomplished while I waited and I did have like 11 FULL loads that someone else is doing for me right now, but I’m still pissed at homeboy for wasting my time. It is my very biggest pet peeve.

Tomorrow is Winnie girl’s 1st birthday. I got her some presents and she helped herself to one earlier today. She is a for real stinkpot, but we do love her so. We work with her on resource guarding constantly and she refuses to eat dog food so I have to cook pork and chicken for her in the instapot and feed her that. This week she really enjoyed pig tails even if they are the grossest looking meat of all time.

Tonight was pizza night and we are watching Jumanji. I love listening to these goobers giggle.


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