distancing day 344 thoughts:

Drill Sergeant Momma got everyone up and at em this morning to head to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science even though it was like the only time any one of these chirren has ever tried to sleep in and it was all of them. Since there was no breakfast and no coffee, we stopped on the way out of town to grab Dunkin. No sooner did we get our first delicious sips of coffee than Clara puked all over the backseat and herself. We turned right on around and headed home. The other 3 kids were disappointed but we can’t roll up to a museum with puke pants and a green child.

As it turned out, I think we all needed a chill day anyway. I came upstairs and started cuddling with Clara while Jerry did a couple chores. I went and grabbed lunch and then we took a nap after we ate. Jerry and I slept for 3 hours! 3! I probably could have kept sleeping until tomorrow but people have to be fed dinner and stuff. I also managed to get a little more than an hour bath. Who is this self care goddess? For once in idk how long, I’m not feeling like I’m already behind starting the week. Not behind on sleep. Not behind on chores. Not behind on life. Just regular amounts of behindness or forward preparationess.

And taking a very hard left turn: do any of you Gen Z’ers remember the little tablets that the dentist used to give out that look like little smarties and you’d kinda swish around the dye and it would stick to your plaque? The idea was to show you what a shitastic job of brushing you’d been doing. I have been nagging my kids about missing spots when they’re brushing so I went in search of the little tablets that were most definitely not a figment of my imagination. I found several that looked just like the original ones the dentist used to give out, but they were shipped from a 3rd party seller in a ziploc bag so thank you, no. Those are probably hold overs from the actual 80s and some Buffalo Bill type has been keeping them in their basement next to the human skin lamp all these years. Or at least that’s where my imagination went when I saw they were shipped in a ziploc bag. I opted for the purple chew tablets in a hermetically sealed box that appears to be new. All 6 of us chewed them and, unsurprisingly, Jerry and I are doing a great job but I did have a tiny spot I need to work on too. The kids, surprisingly, weren’t as bad as I thought. The area I’ve been pointing to where their toofises meet their gums suddenly got a heck of a lot more visible and attended to when it looked like Barney took a poop there. I’ve just been using my pointer to kinda scrape off the plaque and show them butter teef won’t work. Generally, not as affective, I see. The instructions say you should use them every day for a week and then once a week. I think that might be slightly excessive and stainy (I accidentally got some on my hand and it’s refusing to come off), but once a week I feel pretty good about. On Sundays we wear purple teeth.


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