distancing day 346 thoughts:

If you have 4 kids- statistically speaking- there is a extraordinarily high probability that every single day at least one will wake up and chose bullshit. The part where statistics get dicer is whether or not their choice of bullshit will rub off on the others or if they will be isolated in bullshitsville. You never know who the perpetrator of nonsense will be or who will engage but you can bet your bippity that someone is always going to be back on the bullshit. It’s just math. It’s exhausting math.

Today was errands and rescheduling Winnie’s spay. I’m going to have to pay for it now because the Humane Society is backed up like 8 months, but I watched enough Bob Barker growing up to know that you should spay and neuter your pets. We have Jack walking her as one of his chores now and she gets so damn excited. It’s adorable. She was bouncing all over like a kangaroo this afternoon when she saw him get the leash. I hope their time together helps their relationship to blossom a bit. Winnie thinks she is above Jack and Laurel in the family hierarchy, which is neither cute nor accurate.


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