distancing day 351 thoughts:

We had such a wonderful time on our “Moms Gone Mild” night out. Despite my joke about Instagram vs Reality on social media, I only had one G&T over the course of 6 hours. Don’t worry.

We stayed at the Broadmoor which was the first time I’ve ever been inside despite living here 6 years. They still had up their lights. It was beautiful!

We ate dinner inside at the Steakhouse and went to the Golden Bee which was also a first. The server at our table miraculously flung a little embroidered bee expertly onto our shirts. We spent most of our time at the Golden Bee being astonished and wondering if there was a bee flinging school.

Today was time in the spa with a lovely view.

It was a weekend filled with lots of laughs and lots of yummy food. Going to sleep tonight feeling very blessed to have such wonderful friends.


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