distancing day 353 thoughts:

I have been so tired the past 2 days. Is it lingering trauma from last March? Is it the early wake up times? Is it general exhaustion from a year of whatever the Hell all this is? Yes. Yes to all.

Today and yesterday were both very long days but short at the same time. I don’t think I sat down yesterday at all. Today I did some sitting but it was so I could do some writing for a couple articles that I planned to do last week, but, ya know, best laid plans.

The kids did hella Dr. Seuss crafts with E. I don’t even know what all they did but they did everything. I know there were Lorax’s made from little pompom balls, Dr Seuss hats out of paper plates, truffula trees from pompom balls and pipe cleaners, and green eggs and ham candies. I am so thankful that E has energy and knows how to have fun. The kids ADORE her and have a blast.

I cried in the grocery store today because I have been looking for pita bread for a week and haven’t been able to find any. I had meat that I HAD to cook today before it went bad and I still couldn’t find the pita bread. I thought I was going to have to make it from scratch and something about that just set my tear ducts to showing out. I did eventually find the pita bread but it was not where anyone or the grocery store app said it would be and then I felt a little silly for crying in the grocery store- except I didn’t because this past year as been hard and having to make pita bread as just “one more thing” was too much.


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