distancing day 360 thoughts:

5 days short of a year after all this started and I got my 1st vaccine today.

If I grow a 3rd arm – you already know I’m here for it. I hope Bill Gates enjoys watching me go from my house to Walmart and back cause all I do is feed people and get food to feed people later. Cheers to doing my part for herd immunity.

It was a whole thing! I scheduled my appointment AFTER my Dr said she would have no problem writing my letter explaining why I qualified. You see, the Army can do whatever TF they want. I offered to send the Dr the documentation from the Army and they said no no. It’s no problem. We’ve got it. When I went to pick up my letter today- they don’t got it. My doctor wrote a letter detailing that my KIDS have sleep apnea and made not one mention about me-ya know the one taking it.

I had to write the hospital at 1140 before my appointment at 1 and ask them if I would be turned away. The poor person that I spoke with had to call the hospital commander who called Tricare to find out what medicines I’m on. I was good to go and was cleared because taking 9 pills a night has to get you something eventually. WHOOP. Still. I could have done without the dramatics. What would this past year have been without dramatics though?


4 thoughts on “distancing day 360 thoughts:

      1. Okay. Your blogs are good slice of life writing. Share your life eexperiences juggling so many roles described in bio. More like learning, perspective on life situations, how you thought and dealt


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