distancing day 361 thoughts:

I feel fine today. My arm is like maybe a teeny tiny bit sore but barely noticeable. No other symptoms whatsoever. I did take a nap today which we can blame on the vaccine and not the fact that I just wanted to take a nap.

Today was just silly amounts of windy. I guess it’s because the ridiculous cold front bringing 5feet of snow has to get here somehow. 4/7 people in my family right now are under 5feet and 1/7 makes the cut off by an inch. I might need to go to Home Depot tomorrow and make flags on a stick we can cram into their jackets in the event we have to leave the house. I have a lot of kids but none of them are expendable. I’d like to start the blizzard with 4 and end with 4, please and thank you.

I’m in the tub right now for my nightly TikTok and tub. I usually can hang out here for as long as the water is warm and decompress, but the children have found me tonight and somehow thwarted the locked bedroom door. I feel a little like the hippopotamus swimming at the zoo- everyone gotta swing by and say hello.

All 4 kids have dentist appointments in the morning and the first one is at 8. I don’t know what I was thinking. We don’t get up and going by that early anymore. We are on homeschool time. I mean- I am up by 530 most days but I let the children sleep as long as their little bodies tell them too. Mostly because I like the quiet but also because you can do that sort of thing when your commute is from the family room to the dining room.


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