distancing day 362 thoughts:

Seems like all of us know a year is coming up but a year hits on different days for everyone. I am counting a year on Saturday because the school sho did send my babies home on that Friday for early Spring Break like “see ya never!” (I’m kidding. I know they didn’t have any choice.) And, so, Saturday marks a year for us.

I have made a nightly ritual of TikTok and Tub. It’s a whole thing and claiming it as my intellectual property right now. Jerry is watching Little House on the Prairie downstairs with the kiddos and so nobody has migrated up to the hippo bathtub show tonight. Last night my bath got cut painfully short by lurkers. Tonight I’m going full TikTok and Tub til the water is cold.

I spent today writing articles for my new Fiverr gig. I’m having a LOT of fun with those. My gig is not ghost-writing and I get to write like myself. One of the three articles I wrote today involved the quote “living in a van down by the river” in reference to being able to get an apartment even if you have a bad credit score. That’s a lot more fun for me than writing like a finance robot. I’m really thankful I decided to create gigs on fiver that described exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t get a bunch of gigs right away because it’s kinda niche, but it paid off!

In other related news, filing taxes as a gig employee/business owner is a nightmare.

Marian’s glasses came in today and she looks so adorable I could pinch her. I did not help my kids pick their glasses at all- which was very difficult for my inner Type A but they all 3 did a fantastic job. Clara’s should be in tomorrow and Laurel’s come in on Monday. Four-eyed Drew ladies coming in hot.

All 4 of them had dentist appointments this morning. It’s our first one since COVID started (they should have gone in the summer but I was a scaredy cat) and the office made it so painless (pun intended) I couldn’t even believe it. All 4 kids had XRays, cleanings, fluoride, and Clara got sealant. We were in and out in 50 minutes. 50! They must be taking organizational tips from the Lord’s Chicken. I hope they are patting themselves on the back tonight because *that* was a pleasure.


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