distancing day 1.1 thoughts:

I accidentally bought a computer today. Whoops. I went to the BX to price them and to see what the looked like- etc. I stood there for a long time and waited for someone to come help me. I’m not mad about it or anything- I was actually surprised they were open. I found what I wanted or at least what I thought I wanted at the BX and stood there and googled to see if I was getting a good deal.

I’ve done my research and the internet says Macs don’t ever go on sale except Black Friday. If the internet says it- it must be true. While I was googling at the BX, I ran across a sale at Best Buy… I was pretty sure it was wrong one so I went to heavily googling. It was the same one! I bought it on the spot and went and picked it up.

When I got home, I grabbed my old laptop and picked it up to transfer stuff and the bottom fell off. It fell slap off. Good timing, I guess.

The instructions on the new computer were literally a bifold the size of my palm. 2 pages. I’m thought for sure that I was too Gen X for alla of that, but it was miraculously easy to set up.

I pulled up Photoshop and downloaded it quick. I played all afternoon. It was WONDERFUL. I really wish we had bought the new computer years and years ago. Now I’m seriously considering getting back into photography… it won’t be frustrating, it will be fun!


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