distancing day 1.5 thoughts:

Today started a little sour but ended up super sweet with dinner with some friends.

The children have forgotten how to be out in public without doing power bombs, suplexii, and DDTs in the middle of the aisle at Walmart. I took Winnie to the vet for her checkup this AM and thought it would be a great idea to take everyone along to run errands. It was not a great idea. It was not.

We made it through Dollar Tree mostly OK but slightly stunned that there is now a $3 and $5 aisle. I saw memes about “Bank Account: $1400 Me at Dollar Tree: show me where the $2 section is” but I thought it was just a joke. It really does exist now.

My favorite part of the Dollar Tree Plus section was a shirt that said “I’m not a hot mess, I’m a spicy disaster.” Laurel’s favorite part of the Dollar Tree Plus section was a small guitar. It was maybe a ukulele but I think it was just a tiny guitar. Either way, she was incensed that I wouldn’t purchase said ukulele guitar so that we could have more noise at home. Just what we need.

Winnie didn’t eat anyone at the vet today or at the groomer yesterday and my parental bar is very very low so I’m a proud Mommy. She also got anti-anxiety meds today so hopefully the marbles won’t just be rolling around in there like hungry hungry hippos. I got her a very cute bunny shaped gumball machine to put her meds in because being on anti-anxiety meds can still be fun.

As for yesterday, I had my asshole handed to me by life. My favorite part of yesterday- and the whole thing was a flaming disaster- was the part where I sent sweet Clara upstairs with a mountain of laundry to separate. I told her name your price. She dutifully separated laundry for HOURS while I cleaned downstairs and then she told me HOW she separated the laundry. Bless her precious, hardworking heart. She put all of the shirts together, all the pants, all the underwear, all the socks, etc into piles. And by all, I mean ALL. There was just a giant pile of 6 people’s underwear: both clean and dirty. Shirts: 6 people’s shirts all in a dirty and clean clothes stew. Etc. I finally just had a small panic attack and asked them to bag up all the clothes to send to fluff and fold because there is no coming back from having skid mark underwear and clean underwear rubbing up against each other like a 8th grade dance without rewashing everything. There is no other way.


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