distancing day 1.7 thoughts:

Today was date day. There was no Daddy/Daughter dance this year cause COVID sucks a hot one. However, I am on The Melting Pot’s email distro (because they were offering free food at some point and I love free food) and they sent out an email about Daddy/Daughter Date Day. I think I was in Walmart when I got the email and I pulled right over and signed them up. The girls love being spoiled by their Daddy and any and every occasion to dress up.

We went dress shopping yesterday and originally had a bunch of cute dresses picked out at Old Navy… until I checked the weather report. We promptly put all of our old navy clothes back and ran over to Dillard’s Clearance center which is my favorite place in all the land and shopped there. The girls are all very different. Clara can’t ever decide because she likes nothing. Marian can’t ever decide because she like everything. Laurel picks the first thing she sees because there are escalators to ride and little time for bullshit. Laurel happened to pull out a mauve dress with gold sparkle and mauve VERY SUBTLE cheetah print on her grab and get on with it first pass and I fell in love. I had a mauve dress for Marian in my hand as one of the 7 choices she was hemming and hawing over. I made the executive decision on the spot that everyone was wearing mauve or some version of it, so I marched over to Clara’s size and pulled out the first one I saw. She happened to love it because hashtag SEQUINS. Daddy got a mauve matching tie. I think they turned out super pretty in pink but I made all the kids from scratch and am slightly biased in my opinions.

Jack and I went and ate sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant while the girls were out. I was extremely impressed by his skill with chopsticks. He still holds a pencil as if he were an arthritic ex machine gunner from World War II, but the boy can work some chopsticks. We pretty much talked about tardigrades (water bear or moss piglet) for the entire 2 hours so… if you need any fast facts just.let.me.know.

Here are some more pictures of my kids just cause I think they’re cute:


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